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Gluten Free plus Pea Protein – 12 x 60g Bars


This box contains 12 individually wrapped 60g Tee’s SUPERFOOD BARS gluten free with added pea protein.

Disclaimer: Please note some wrappers may have “fructose friendly” on the packaging. This SHOULD be disregarded due to the update of fructose intolerance research. Pea protein may be an irritant for people with a fructose intolerance.

Great for active and healthy people who need a post training snack or meal replacement!

A great bar for vegans as it contains organic rice syrup and no honey, and for people who do not eat gluten.

High in fibre (4.6g per serve). Source of protein (12g per serve). Added golden pea protein from Australian made and owned company ‘Vital Nutrition’. Please note that pea protein is not suitable for people who have a fructose intolerance.

Includes omega-3’s from chia seeds and walnuts, the magnesium from pepitas; protein and lysine from amaranth, and catechin/epicatechin oligomers in cinnamon.